Camino, CA

International Karen Day

If there was EVER a day when you could talk to the District Manager – it would be
at Crystal Basin Cellars during International Karen Day.  We’ve set aside a whole day for it. 

International Karen Day


March 26, 2022

Look, we KNOW you have things to complain about.  Bitterly.  We do too.  So, in our on-going efforts to provide important but underserved public services to our customers and fans, we are committed to providing guidance on this process.  To help our customers comprehend the overall focus of Karen Day, we’ve created a handy-dandy flowchart. Don’t worry if it’s a bit detailed – our talented staff will be on hand to explain the steps to you to avoid complications.

International Karen Day Crystal Basin Cellars Flowchart

International Karen Day - March 26, 2022

As we said, we understand that you want to talk to our District Manager. AND  we know your time is important. If you don’t want to have to wait to vent, we suggest you schedule your tasting below. That way we can ensure that they’re ready for you!