Camino, CA

Wine of the Month Merlot

Wine of the Month Merlot

Visit us at any of our Crystal Basin Cellar locations during the month of November for a special tasting featuring our Wine of the Month, Merlot!

Our fearless leader, Mike Owen, describes the Crystal Basin Cellar’s Merlot as…

Merlot is an ancient grape varietal originating from the western coast of France in the area famously known as Bordeaux. This grapes grows well in California and likes decomposed granite soils and being watered from above (by sprinklers in Ca). It carries a lovely Smooth and velvet texture including rich mouthfeel and finishes with a dusty cocoa aspect. This stunning wine is both textured and elegant. Don’t let Hollywood fool you, Merlot is a world class wine and we can prove it!


Reserve a time to visit either Crystal Basin Cellars in Camino, CA or Crystal Basin Station in Folsom, CA to enjoy a tasting featuring our November Wine of the Month, Merlot.

Order Your Own Bottle

Already know that this wine pairs well with dark meat, hearty, and feel good meals of the season and ready to bring it home for your table?

Order your own bottle of the November Wine of the Month, Merlot, to be delivered to your home or pickup at a location.