Camino, CA

Wine of the Month Mourvèdre

We’ve always viewed Mourvedre as our “teaching wine”. Quite a few of our customers encounter Mourvedre for the first time while tasting our tasty versions. We want people’s first encounter to be “Do I like it?” versus “Is it like another wine I’m familiar with?” It’s freeing to taste something for the first time and let your own experiences drive your reaction. We think that the velvet smoothness, dark berry element and the hint of white pepper combine to create a great wine experience for anyone who tries it.

Wine of the Month Mourvèdre Tastings

Join us at one of our locations through the links below to join in our Wine of the Month Mourvèdre tastings.

Camino Reservations

Folsom Reservations

Crystal Basin Mourvèdre

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This winery favorite is a medium-weight wine with a bright mid-pallet and a long finish. Enjoy with a garlicky dish!