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Our philosophy on giving has three simple components:

We live in an environment of abundance that should be enjoyed by all. Abundance is created to be shared with a community.

We make FAR too much wine to consume ourselves – it needs to be shared.

Our business exists because of the munificence and support from our community. We literally owe that same level of generosity to our neighbors.

We like to donate to causes of all types! Please check out our donation policy. {click here for donation policy}



The logic and message of ‘Buy Local’ carries a LOT of weight. You can pick any number of causes that might be important to you that are supported by your purchase and consumption of products that are grown and created close to your home.

Support the sustainability and strength of your local economy? Buy local products that utilize agricultural product grown close to your home. Those purchases generate local jobs and local sales taxes that pay for services in your community.

Support a decrease in carbon emissions? Buy local products that don’t need to be transported over long distances using fossil fuels.

Support business that give back to your local community? Buy local products that give time, product and support directly to your community.

Support fair wages and responsible corporate governance? Buy local products that pay local wages to support your local community and economy.

Support maintaining agricultural lands not being turned into housing developments? Buy local products that utilize fruit and other products grown locally.


  Q: How does Crystal Basin Cellars give back to our community?

A: Crystal Basin will donate to most any cause in our community that asks for support. From veteran’s groups to animal causes to support for state parks to school music programs to local Chambers of Commerce to wildfire relief to memorial scholarship funds, CBC has donated over $250K in value since our inception as a commercial entity in 2000. That support has taken the form of the donation of tasting certificates, wine and monetary contributions as well as donation of our time to pour wine at events.   

To learn more about our donation policy, <CLICK HERE>

  Q: Who has Crystal Basin Cellars donated to?

A: See the growing list below.

Crystal Basin Cellars has donated to the following organizations: